Cubase, Komplete Kontrol and Eastwest crashes

I recently got hold of a Komplet Kontrol s61 keyboard. Fantastic bit of kit that tells you where the notes of instrument start and end, plus which keys are keyswitch.

The problem I have been having is that when changing the Instrument from a “Play” to “Komplete Kontrol” then load the same Eastwest instrument into it, I have irregular crashes. I have attached some error files
Cubase crash (2.7 MB)

Here is another one. Just happened again. Hope this can help the Tech Team
Cubase 64bit 2021.5.26 (1.1 MB)

Out of curiosity, what’s the benefit of doing this? I’m partially unsure if I understand your question since I don’t understand your workflow.

Also - let me know if you loose connection with your Komplete Kontrol tracks if you duplicate them or disable/re-enable. That’s a bug that’s been kicking my ass since 10.5.3.

Final, unrelated thought - while you can run PLAY inside Komplete Kontrol, and even though they support NKS previews and such, offline export seems to be broken in PLAY while its wrapped in KK.

Basically, Where I have just got hold of KK, I found it useful running all my instruments through the KK input instead of their own input (Play,U-He…)

So a project that I was working on before I got KK, I am continuing. And I want to use the KK input instead of the Play ones. As I switch them over, from Play to KK, and find the Eastwest instrument in KK, this causes CB to crash and produce the error logs. Does this make sence?

Ah. Well, I can’t help with that particular problem, but I’m fairly certain that Play has a range of issues working with Komplete Kontrol. As I mentioned, offline bounce does not work over here running Play within Komplete Kontrol (samples get cut off; it can’t seem to stream from disk properly while offline bouncing in KK).

Moreover, Play has been discontinued by EastWest in favor of their new Opus engine. Long story short - I’d avoid using Play within Komplete Kontrol anyway.

Thanks for your help anyway GP. What is this “offline bounce” that you are referring too?

I know that using Play through KK has rendering problems. You can’t “render in place” as the samples cut off.

I have been using Opus, but not all of the Play sounds are there. Opus is great but still has bugs of it’s own sadly.