Cubase + Komplete Kontrol software pc keyboard navigation

Hey there,
I do not have a Komplete Kontrol keyboard (and not plan to get one at this moment), but I try to navigate through the patches with my computer keyboard rather than clicking with the mouse on each and next patch. The arrow keys work fine while browsing through the patches, but loading a patch seems impossible for me without using my mouse in the plug-in version (double clicking with the mouse is the only way to load a patch for me). In the standalone version of Komplete Kontrol return/enter works to load the patch but I use Komplete Kontrol inside Cubase 12.

It seems like the enter key is exclusively for Cubase and not for plugins running inside Cubase. Is there any way to circumvent that?

Unfortunately, not true. It’s the Komplete Kontrol software that is not letting us use Enter to activate whichever preset we’ve selected using the arrows. Proof: Open Komplete Kontrol inside Cubase, click on the Files Tab and then begin browsing through your hard disk folders, using the arrows. Hit Enter. It just works as expected. It’s a well known issue (or limitation by decision).

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You’re absolutely right! This makes it even more annoying…

I found a workaround on Mac, it took some time to get it to work but now it is always spot on. There is this great tool called “Better Touch Tool”. In this I can screenshot a small area of Komplete Kontrol, and let the tool recognize it to put the mouse cursor exactly on the active preset and emulate a mouse double click. I put this as a hotkey on my keyboard to trigger it. Maybe there is a similar tool for Windows…


Yes, this is indeed a very good workaround :slight_smile:

I do have a workaround too, and actually it’s completely out of browsing Komplete Kontrol using its own tab. I’m using an external utility to browse through its database and then send the URI of the preset to the File->Open of the Komplete Kontrol. The limitation here is that I cannot open Reaktor’s presets. The advantage? Free to use whichever controller I prefer. I would even publish it however I’m concerned about any legal implications, so I’m just using it for me until I finish another work based on mediaBay which I will happily publish here when finished :slight_smile: