Cubase Lag: GUI is Sluggish When Moving an Audio Event, if there are Multiple Events on Same Track

In Cubase Pro 11, the greater the number of audio events on the same track, the longer it takes to move or edit any one of them. Undoing takes longer too. This is very inconvenient. In contrast, if there is only one audio event on a track, it can be moved or edited instantly. So there is a flaw in the Cubase code. I hope Steinberg will fix this soon.

Watch this short demonstration video to see for yourself:

Here is the only workaround I’ve found: If you have a track with numerous audio events, and you want to edit a few of those events, drag just those events to an unused track. On the unused track, you’ll be able to edit the events without having to wait for the lag after each edit. When you have finished editing the events, drag them back onto the original track.

Is anyone else having the same problem? If so, have you found a solution for it?

Edit: I have tried creating a new project and importing tracks from the existing project, but the new project ends up having the problem too. It’s inherited. However, I have found that not all cpr files have this problem. I don’t know what the difference is between cpr files that have the lag and cpr files that don’t have it. I wonder if the database embedded in the cpr file is corrupted. Is there any way to fix the corrupted file?


Having to wait 5 seconds after every edit is way too long. Steinberg should fix this asap!

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Actually, the individual audio events are corrupted. To fix them, select each individual event, one at a time, and then go to the Audio menu and choose Bounce Selection. After the bounced version is created, a pop up requester will appear. Choose Replace Events. That will replace each corrupted event with an uncorrupted version. Unfortunately, any fades or edits in the original version will become permanent.

Alternatively, you can select several events together, and bounce them simultaneously, but in the bounced version, they will be joined together as a single event.

This is what I have learned from experimenting with the corrupted cpr file.

Alternatively, use the workaround explained in my original post.

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