Cubase Latency issue


It’s so sad that the Steinberg Company still hasn’t solve the latency poblem. To get me right try to do this. Grab an audio file into the project (an acapella is good for this). Then grab the same file into the project as a new audio track. So you have 2 identical audio tracks. Put an eq in the linear phase mode on the 2nd track. Then press play. And why is so respectful company still haven’t handled the automatic plugin delay compensation? May be there is a setting for this I don’t know about?

Thanks in advance!

You have discovered the nature of the beast that is a high latency plugin.

Haha :slight_smile:
Actually there is Pro-DS plugin creates some latency (cuz of its needs). And I can hear defenitelly flanging using this plugin in my experiment. I mean that even this plugin with small latency doesn’t point Cubase to compensate the latency automatically.

PS. I just use demo version. I want to buy it buy how will I do that with this defect