Cubase Latency

I’m thinking of buying a audio interface
I’m looking at the studio set up page on Cubase 10.5 for my old soundcard and it says 6.78msec input latency and 6.44 msec output latency.
I wondered if anyone had a lower latency and if so which sound card do you have ?

I have an RME 9652 connected with a pci-e to pci converter (this is a very old soundcard). It has very good drivers and latency. I can have input latency 1.354 / output 2.042 recording … recording 16 tracks at the same time with no problem at all. I can even run some effects on top while doing that.

Together with my uad cards I like to mix at a little higher latency, just about the numbers you mention - input 5.35 / output 6.04 - I rarely need to go higher with a mid size project. I mostly mix pop and electronica.

If you have a newer computer then me and configure it correctly you surely can do even better with higher counts of tracks and effects/instruments

Thanks Glenn i’ll head over to RME and have a look.