CUBASE/Launchkey Mini Mk3 issue

Howdy… I’m on C10.5.20, Win10.

I use a Novation Launchkey Mini Mk3 for my controller. I’m having a problem when opening Cubase. While opening(with the Launchkey plugged in) Cubase gets stuck at MACKIE HUI. The only way I can get Cubase to open is to unplug the Launchkey, “END TASK” Cubase, then restart. It was working perfectly, until about a week ago with the lastest Win10 update,

what is causing this??.


If it stopped to work after Windows update, I would try to reinstall the Novation driver (and if it doesn’t help, I would try to reinstall Cubase).

I don’t believe there were drivers to install?. When I first hooked it up all I had to do was go into Cubase, set up MACKIE HUI and the midi ports, and it just worked.