Cubase LE 1.0 Files - What New Version to Use to open?

So I finally moved off XP to W7 Pro, and I got my Firepod working fine, installed Cubase LE 1.0 (the one that came with the Firepod), and W7 shut it down saying it wasn’t compatible.

I researched the compatibility chart, but it doesn’t go back to prehistoric versions like LE 1.0.

I’ve got a bunch of projects I’d like to be able to access.

What is my lowest cost option from the new Steinberg lineup to be able to open the old LE 1.0 files? 99% of what I record is just two tracks at a time, though I’ll do multi track editing from time to time.

Thanks for any helpful suggestions.

I believe the last version of Cubase that was supported to open LE1 files was Cubase 5. C5 is discontinued now and we do not sell it, but I would suggest contacting your local Steinberg support to see if they can help you find an option that would work (for example, a Cubase 7.5 license can open Cubase 5 as long as you have installed the latest eLCC).