cubase le 1.07 oem "has stopped working"

i’m having trouble starting cubase le 1.07 oem. i used to use Cubase on my old Windows XP computer, now is my first time trying to run Cubase since i upgraded to windows 7 64-bit about a year ago. This Cubase version is the software that came with my Presonus Firepod.

first i was unable to install Cubase because it would get stuck at the point where it was installing the “stein__.ttf” font. i read that you can get around this by rebooting your computer in Safe Mode and installing Cubase from there, so i did and it seemed to complete the installation.

now in regular/non-Safe Mode I try to run Cubase but it gets stuck where it says "Initializing: Pentium IV Optimized Data Type Converters (i<–>f), then displays a window “Cubase LE has stopped working” message. I’ve tried removing the “Steinberg” folder from C:\Users{my computer}\AppData\Roaming\ folder. I’ve tried disabling my AVG anti-virus software. I’ve tried running Cubase in Compatibility mode for Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows 2000. But it always stops working at the same point of initializing those darn pentium iv optimized data type converters.

i recognize i’m using a very old version of Cubase. before i shell out $ for new recording software, I’d be grateful if anyone familiar with this issue could share their input.
thanks for reading!

Hi there !

I have the same trouble with running an older version : Cubase SE 1. I have just change my OS from WinXP to Win7-64 bit and Cubase stops running when “intialisation processor intel######”.
I have sent a message to SteinbergSupport 2 weeks ago and no answer has come.

Anyone to help???

(sorry for my english…I am french :wink:

I am having this exact problem with Cubase LE 1.0.7. I’ve looked around the web and the forums here but to no avail. I don’t think that the Windows version is the issue here as I’ve unsuccessfully tried running in the different compatibility modes on my desktop but I have successfully run the program on a laptop running Windows 7 64-bit. My desktop has an AMD FX™-8120 Eight-Core processor whereas the laptop is an Intel dual-core. Almost seems like CBLE has an issue with the extra processors or something. Though it’s a good program, I don’t actually need to use it for current or future projects as I’m using Sonar X3 now. I just have some older projects in Cubase that I would like to be able to access.