Cubase Le 1!! Question

I received a copy of Cubase LE 1 with my EMU 404 interface a long time ago. The computer it was on crapped out, and I’m trying to reinstall it on my new windows 8 laptop with very little success. The program shuts down right after it gets to the audio test screen whether I do the check or not. I’ve tried to register my copy of the product, but the registration wizard doesn’t recognize my internet connection. Can someone knowledgeable please offer some help in this regard, or am I just wasting my time trying to install this archaic version of Cubase on such a new version of Windows?

Hello. I have the same problem to registration; I think there´s no way to the registration of this version. It’s very old and lately I have not seen anything from Pinnacle with Steinberg.
About Windows 8, I installed Cubase le version 1.0.7 on all windows and they run fine. Try running it as an administrator and check the sound card settings before you start.

I hope I have helped and I wish you luck.