Cubase LE 1 VST plugin compatibility


Maybe there are more people like me who take pride and joy in using vintage software, so let’s have a go…

I have just managed to get Cubase LE v 1.0.8 to run on a Mac under OS 10.6.8 with a Tascam US-224 soundcard. Everything seems fine except that the computer cannot playback sound from the program – but the soundcard can, so no problem there…

I have found some VST plugins that I would like to use but they are (of course) designed for newer systems and software. My questions relate to these. Here they are:

  1. Which is the highest version of VST that Cubase LE 1.0.8 can support? I find versions 2.2 and 2.3 in the plugin information panel.

  2. Cubase LE 1.0.8 stores VST plugin files inside the app contents folder – do newer versions use Library folder storage instead? And if so, can plugins successfully be copied from Library folders to the Cubase LE app folder?

  3. Is there any forum for vintage VST plugins that might be expected to work with Cubase LE 1.0.8?

I really would like to stay at this version level – the program is massively over-competent in relation my needs and the sound card is also dependent on old software, so I would really be grateful for some hints and pointers. The VST plugin I would like to have the most is a synth with preloaded patches (tried SynthMaster which does not seem to be compatible) so if anyone knows of an old, preferably free plugin, please let me know.