Cubase LE 10.5 - Skipping Plugin Activation on startup


I am currently using Cubase LE 10.5 on my laptop for easy demos/writing while i am out of my studio. I also have Cubase 10 Pro installed for offsite mixing, together with a bunch of plugins licenced through iLok. However, i keep LE installed so that i dont have to bring my dongles with me from the studio every time.

The only issue i found so far, is that Cubase try to activate the iLok licences every time i start the program. Is there any way to simply skip this step? It takes a few minutes every time, and i will never use those plugins with Cubase LE anyway.

Any ideas?

Hi and welcome,

What would happen if you would Blacklist these plug-ins in Cubase LE. Then Cubase LE wouldn’t scan them.

Obviously you couldn’t use these plug-ins in Cubase LE, but you don’t want to use them in LE anyway, right?