Cubase le 10 no sound

Dear everyone, I am using MacBook Pro 2018 installed win10, I have about cubase le 10 setting problem
I using asio4all driver and connect headphone but no sound from the cubase le, can someone tell me how to set it up, please detail setting flow. Thanks you!

Hi and welcome,

Is your Windows a native system, or do you run it somehow as emulation? On macOS 10.14, there is the known thing you have to enable the application in System Preferences > Privacy & Security > Microphone. But I’m not sure, if this is the case when you are running Windows, or not.

Could you attach some screenshots, please? Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System, Devices > Audio Connections > Inputs and Outputs. Have you tried to drag and drop any audio loop from MediaBay to the project and play this back?

Thanks your reply,I attachment capture picture this is my setting.
I will buy window product key later that is the reason I can’t output sound?


I’m sorry, I don’t know ASIO4ALL very well, but… Why is the “AAUDIO Wave Speaker Headphones > Out: 2x 48kHz, 16Bits” disabled in the ASIO4ALL Control Panel?

I can hear sound now, I use this setting. And my window 10 have updated.
I captured the screen. Thanks