Cubase LE 10 upgraded to Cubase Elements 11 or Cubase Artist 11 Cost?


I have been trying to find out the actual Cost to upgrade from Cubase LE/ AI 10 to Cubase Elements 11 & Cubase Artist 11? I already have my License for Cubase LE/AI 10.

Please help! I am seeing the cost to upgrade from Cubase 10.5 Pro to Cubase Element 11 & Cubase Artist 11. It doesn’t appear as if there is an option to purchase an upgrade from Cubase LE/AI 10 to Cubase Elements 11 or Cubase Artist 11.

I would really appreciate any informed responses you may have as trying to get in touch with Steinberg via email has sadly proven elusive…



I see this (in Australian dollars).

This is the full price for Artist:

Go to this page:

Then select Cubase Artist and click on the updates/upgrades option:


You can do the same thing with Elements: