Cubase LE 11 shows up as my product in Download Assistant but when started - no license

Yeah so I just saw that Cubase LE 11 shows up under “My Product Downloads” in the Download Assistant yet, when I Install LE 11 it tells me that I don’t have a valid license so why would Steinberg tell me that I have LE 11 when in fact, my license doesn’t work for it.
A few years ago I bought a Interface and with that came Cubase LE AI Elements 9.5 which I’ve used until now but I’m quite confused right now as to why it tells me that I’ve got LE 11 but then that my license isn’t made for LE 11

Please run the eLicenser Control Center and click the Maintenance button to the top right. This will update your license if any updates are available.

You should also have been emailed a free update to Cubase LE 12.

I’ve done that Maintenance thing about 10 times now to no avail, still says that I’ve only got a license for Cubase LE 9.5. So the whole thing with LE 11 showing up in my products must surely be a mistake or no? And yeah… I haven’t gotten an email from Steinberg regarding upgrading to Cubase LE 12. I also read that online, that people have gotten that email but I didn’t get anything in that regard