Cubase LE 4 and 5 problem with playback in Cubase (crash)


I have a big problem:
when I record songs (mostly using MIDI -> VSTi) Cubase 5 and Cubase LE 4 (tried both) suddenly (often when I edit something while playback is on, sometimes only playback is on and I do nothing) the sound starts looping (each loop is about 0.2 seconds so almost a click sound) and either Cubase crashes or the whole computer hangs up and crashes so I have to restart it. As you realize, this is a big problem while recording and when working with songs.

Anyone have an idea how to fix this or heard about a similiar problem?
My computer:
Soundcard is from motherboard which is a very new ASUS Z68 with a 2500k CPU (new CPU).
I run Windows 7 64bit with 8GB RAM (also new stuff) and I run alot of VSTi.

I use ASIO 4 All as driver.

I have had a feeling that the crashes occur more often when I use the reverb effect that comes with Cubase. Could it be some kind of feedback happening?

The error occurs more often the more instruments and effects I add. Even with as little as ~4 instruments and ~4-5 effects (including EQ) Cubase crashes. I’d say it is about 3-4 minutes from startup of Cubase it crashes.

Please help! :cry:

Could very well be a bad vsti causing the problem, try renaming the guest plugin folder to plugins_not or something and see if cubase runs better. If it does then you just have to find the bad one or ones!

Thanks for the quick answer!

Where can I find the “guest plugin folder”?

I noticed that Cubase seems to crash less when I don’t use any dual filters (that comes with Cubase). The only VSTi I use apart from Halione and the effects that come with Cubase is Edirol orchestra. Could it be that VSTi?

It’s more likely to be a third party VST rather than any of the stock ones, third party ones sholud be in the folder named plugins next to the Cubase folder/s within the Steinberg folder in your program files.