Cubase LE 4 constant "serious problem"

I have been using Cubase LE 4 for a little over a month now but I get a “serious problem has occurred” error about once every half hour of use.

The problem almost always occurs when I stop an audio recording, either manually or on auto punch out. The results vary. Sometimes there is no apparent effect, I can save the project and keep using. Other times the project will not save, Cubase says the project is corrupt. On a couple of occasions the “serious error” panel has cascaded until I hit “Cancel”. Buried under the cascading panels is a different panel that reports a C++ error.

This happens with all of my projects.

I have attached the cubasele4.log file. I am using W7 64 bit with the latest updates on an I7 processor. I use an Alesis multimix 8 USB 2.0 mixer with the latest firmware and drivers.

I am about ready to give up. I know that any time I stop an audio recording there is about a 30% chance the I will end up with a corrupt project. Any help would be appreciated.
Cubase LE 4.LOG (102 KB)

You should seriously consider a re-install of LE and if you haven’t already tried that.

Which ASIO driver are you using with the Alesis??

Yes, I have tried a complete removal and re-install.

Which ASIO driver are you using with the Alesis??

I am using this driver from the Alesis website. :

MultiMix USB 2.0 - Windows 64 Bit Drivers [v2.9.13] - Driver version v2.9.13 for 64 bit versions of Windows 7, Vista

This appears as “Alesis USB audio device” in the device setup for Cubase le.