Cubase LE 4 Crashing

I’m using Cubase LE 4.1.3 (853 hotfix) and an Alesis iO|26 for recording. Cubase will open projects, and I can record, edit, etc., but eventually, it crashes. Sometimes it’s right away, and sometimes I can work for a while. Once it crashes once, it crashes soon after loading a project from that point on. It has done this for a while, but I’m really getting sick of it. I’ve refreshed preferences, my Alesis drivers are updated, I’ve tried reinstalling, I’ve hidden VST plug-ins, but nothing works. In addition, despite telling me that it is updating the Cubase LE 4 log when it crashes, it isn’t and hasn’t written a new entry for over two years. I’d really appreciate any and all help I can get to get it working properly.

Thanks in advance,

Are you using the automatically saved versions after the crashes? I’ve had similar on the full C4 version using personal track presets and when auditioning in Mediabay. You may want to try Save Project To New Folder if you are using those saved versions. Another thing is to start a brand new project and import any audio and / or MIDI files to it.

I’ve used all of these work arounds in the past, but it still doesn’t solve the fundamental problem. I do appreciate the suggestions though.

I’d seriously consider a Format C and complete reinstall, if you haven’t already done that?

I’ve noticed that my cpu fan gets quite busy when running Cubase, could yours be overheating?..

That’s not an issue for me. I ended up rolling back to, which helped and then found that using the pull down menus for functions (“Save”) rather than shortcuts (CTRL+S) really helped. I have no idea why though.