Cubase LE 4 - Crossfade issue

Hello forum,

I am having a problem with the crossfade,

Let say that I have an overhead drum-track, and I want a specific ‘‘hit’’ move it back in time. As usuall I cut the track before the hit and after the previous hit, and move it back in time - to the left. The overllapping part has no amplitude, i.e a bit of noise or the like,there is no actuall wave/hit in the overlapping part -from both right and left parts -and when I press X, the crossfade section comes with a huge wave. The exact opposite happens when the overllaping part has wave/amplitude : the crossfade section comes out with straight line, no amplitude at all !

Please, take a look at the link below, you can see all the steps for the first interpartation I just described. In the last picture, I increased in time the crossfade section, I have no idea where this wave came from ! Something is calculated which I cannot understand!

I have done and checked all the options and nothing seems to change this behavior. Also, this is the second song that I am mixing, and I dont have this behavior in the first one. Overllaping parts with nothing or something in it, are normally crossfaded, nothing is added or removed.

Any help, will be very usefull !

Kind regards