Cubase LE 4: "Import Audio" "Import Video" grayed out.

I activated my Cubase LE v4.1.3 build 853 last year in Mid February 2010. When I went to import an audio file under File>Import>Audio File, the selection was grayed out (as well as for importing a video file as well). :confused: The only option for importing was a MIDI file, of which I have none. Is this a common problem with Cubase LE 4, or are these 2 options just unavailable on LE 4.1.3 build 853? I have seen no other like problem mentioned in the forums. I’m unsure how to rectify this. Thanks, Joel

Start by reading the manual, then create a project first (file → new project)…

Really? I thought it was possible to import standard formats live .wav or .mp3, through the “Import-Audio” Mine is grayed out as well. I am following the steps in a forum post for “getting started”. One of the first steps before recording anything) is to import an audio file and play it back to make sure the playback is working.
So why is my ‘audio’ grayed out, and my only import choice is ‘midi’?

Guys: As “Thinkingcap” said the first thing to do
is to create a new project – File --(top left) then scroll down and click on (new project) :wink:

Jack :smiley: :smiley: