Cubase LE 4 / LE 7

a few years agora I bought a Tascam interface wich came with Cubase LE 4.
At the moment I have the Cubase Activated on steinberg but I don’t remember where are the codes/serial of product.
It’s possible to download and activate Cubase LE 7 to use ?



Hi and welcome,

I’m afraid, you are not allowed to upgrade to Cubase LE 7 for free (and there is not even payed upgrade). So you can use your old Cubase LE 4, or upgrade to Cubase Elements 8 (or higher).

If you already activated your Cubase LE 4, and you are using a new computer, you have to reactivate your Cubase LE 4 license. This is the way, how to do this.