Cubase LE 5 activation code not founded

Dear fellow members,

I just purchased ALESIS ACOUSTICLINK GUITAR RECORDING PACK , including cubase LE 5 cd, I installed it and elicenser control, (following the manuel) , but this is what I get

** On Cubase LE5 :
Ïf you want to continue using the program, register now with Steinberg, free of charge, to activate the program and obtain access to our support service"" I have an account plus I have got an email activation link , but no code

** Elicencers :
Doesn’t show any devices or whatever, although the guitar is plugged to the usb using Alesis cable


note that i have opened an account and activated it by clicking on a link sent by email from steinberg. but Cant get the activation code, and its not included in the box niether

(using windows)

I would appreciate your help


Is seems like this issue to me. Follow the steps in the article, please.