Cubase le 5 and maschine

How do i get maschine or any midi console inside cubase

You mean you want to use the hardware controller in cubase, or you want to run the maschine software inside cubase?

how would u go about doing both

Make sure that when installing, you point the VST files to install in …/Steinberg/Cubase/VSTplugins
I think you can just use the controller on the Machine plugin when you load it in Cubase, but I’m not too sure. If you want to control other things than Machine, look at generic remote.

3rd party plugs don’t go to that directory.

Uh, mine do :confused:

hello, thisjust happens you will not know because my Cubase LE5 , who bought a tascam interface does not export the audio all works really well but when exporting audio signal an error, if I could help I would appreciate. I’m new to this.