Cubase LE 5 and MIDI volume problem

I have trouble getting “normal” volume from a MIDI instrument (Roland Piano fp80). I am quite sure it is Cubase that modifies the MIDI control data, because:

  • If I connect midi cable as a loop only from piano midi out to midi in, I will hear normal (high) piano volume (local control is OFF, so I listen only to what the midi data input says it shall play), also after completing a Program Change.
  • When I connect to computer w/ Cubase and monitors midi input track (or record it), and midi through is activated in Preferences, the volume is only about 50% of previous test.

I have stored piano registration to registration buttons, so that a full Program Change actually sends the right MIDI MSB/LSB and PC numbers. It seems the volume change is added when I perform the program change, because if I repower piano it has high volume through Cubase until I perform the volume change test. Increasing the Mixer slider to full (127) does not help, it is the same as Slider Off.
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Do you filter Out incoming SysEx data in Cubase?

Thanks for your response. I have tried to tweak Through filters but that did not help.
In the meantime, I have found the reason why the volume is lowered, but I am still not sure if it is Roland or Cubase that asks for it: by launching the List Editor, and reading some Midi related information regarding CC messages, I now understand why the keyboard volume is reduced. The sequence of CC messages that is stored in Cubase when recording a program change is the following:

  • CC11 (Expression), value 127
  • CC11 (Expression), value 50
  • CC7 (Main Volume), value 127
  • CC7 (Main Volume), value 127
  • CC91 (ExtEff 1 Depth), value 40
  • CC91 repeated 5 times, same value
  • CC0 (BankSel MSB), value 0
  • CC32 (BankSel LSB), value 68
  • PC1, value 0

So, it is the second CC11 message that causes it; I did a manually edit of it to 127 and there is my piano volume back! I understand that CC11 can be used to introduce expression of pp, mp, mf, ff, etc in the play, but I prefer doing this with my playing style (note velocity). So, since a clean midi loop does not cause this, I wonder if it is actually Cubase that inserts the value 50? And, why are the CC messages duplicated? The Cubase manual says nothing on Expression.


Yes the CC11 Value 50 is the issue. I’m 100% Cubase doesn’t do it. Try MIDI O-X or MIDI Monitor to check, what data Roland sends.

I have now tested another midi/usb interface as well as a freeware midi recorder (Anvil), and the same results apply. Thus, it must be my Roland piano, which I do not understand since a clean midi wire loop out/in does not give this problem… MIDI O-X captured this:
0000352D 1 2 B0 0B 7F 1 — CC: Expression
0000352E 1 2 B4 0B 32 5 — CC: Expression
0000352F 1 2 B2 07 7F 3 — CC: Volume
00003530 1 2 B0 07 7F 1 — CC: Volume
00003532 1 2 B0 5B 28 1 — CC: Reverb Depth
00003533 1 2 B2 5B 28 3 — CC: Reverb Depth
00003534 1 2 B4 5B 28 5 — CC: Reverb Depth
00003538 1 2 B0 5B 28 1 — CC: Reverb Depth
00003539 1 2 B2 5B 28 3 — CC: Reverb Depth
0000353A 1 2 B4 5B 28 5 — CC: Reverb Depth
0000353C 1 2 B0 00 00 1 — CC: Bank MSB
0000353C 1 2 B0 20 42 1 — CC: Bank LSB
0000353D 1 2 C0 04 – 1 — PC: Electric Piano 1
0x32 = 3x16 + 2 = 50… Oh well, I have to ask my piano dealer how to handle this issue.

And thanks for suggesting midi o-x, very nice and small tool! :slight_smile:

OK, what is the exact Roland device? How do you switch the Program? Are you in “Single” or “Combi” (I don’t know, how Roland name it, if there is any kind of mode) Mode?

It is the Roland FP-80. I have to use what Roland name Registration, where I store MSB/LSB+PC numbers of the sound wanted. If I want, I can map Expression to a pedal, but in that way, I need to use it all time. I do not understand what you mean by Single/Combi mode.
Back to my CC11 problem & Cubase, I just found that I can easily filter out CC11 packets by using the Preferences | Midi Filter Controller. By selecting CC11, these are no longer recorded. For my already performed recordings, I have to manually edit or delete the corresponding CC11 messages with value 50. I am happy with this lasting finding. :smiley:

Do you select the Program by pressing one if the “Tone” button?

Btw: are all of these messages on MIDI Channel 1 (Check in the alias Editor)?

No, as I said, I select the program by hitting a Registration button. In a registration, I can store the BankSelect MSB/LSB + PC numbers, which are transmitted as CC MIDI when I press a registration button. If I only press a normal Tone button, no BankSelect/PC numbers are transmitted.
I can select which MIDI Channel to be used for CC and note data. I use Channel 1 for both.


Sorry, I don’t know, what the “Registration” button means, and what is it good for on Roland?