cubase le 5 - audio keeps cutting out

Hi folks,

Apologies in advance, as I’m probably not giving enough info here to diagnose the problem.

I’m using cubase le 5 on a mac laptop with 4GB memory and 2.4 GHz processort - os is 10.7.

I’m mixing a track at the moment and the audio keeps cutting out. This has happened before but only briefly and never as often. All tracks are WAV playback, no midi running.

I have 28 audio channels running at once with 2 FX channels and 8 groups. Is this just too much for the program to handle on this machine or could there be some other explanation? Any advice appreciated, I’m still pretty clueless and not sure where to start looking.

No this should be OK for this machine fairly low usage actually, this sound more like a soundcard driver issue of some sort