Cubase le 5 Audio Ouput/ playback problems!

Hello all,
You guessed it! Another “No playback through Cubase question!” Yay!
I’ve gone through the setup guide alot and trawled through these various forum topics too many times to count. Unfortunately, I’m not the first nor will I be the last to have this problem. Do something Steinberg!

My specifications:

  • Alesis i02 express audio interface ( brand new )
  • Cubase le 5
  • Edifer Speakers with audio jack adapters placed in i02 interface
  • Windows 7 x64 bit

I always seem to get data input recorded into Cubase from my keyboards connected to Midi cables etc. but no playback from my computer speakers connected to the interface (as guide recommends) when using ‘ASIO 4ALL v2’. I receive sound output from any source (e.g. Youtube) besides Cubase.

I managed to avoid this issue temporarily by using the ‘Generic Low Latency Asio Driver’ to receive output directly from my keyboard. However, after adding more than 4 midi tracks to my composition any extra tracks do not get playback with the rest of piece! A limitation of using keyboard speakers for playback I’m guessing? Back to square one.

Unlike everyone else my i02 interface registers as an ‘Unspecified device’ in ‘devices and printers’ on my Windows OS. Thus, ‘i02’ is not an option for me in both the ‘Manage devices’ and ‘VST connections’ of Cubase.
I am used to the ‘ASIO4ALL v2’ driver as I also use it for Native Instruments Traktor software on the same laptop but reinstalled it directly from Alesis just in case.

Here is a step by step:

  1. Setup interface, connected speakers to interface

  2. ‘device unspecified’ on Windows 7

  3. Windows7 : Went to speakers -> playback devices -> ‘set i02 speakers’ as default -> Apply

  4. Same as step 3 for ‘recording devices’ except left ‘Stereo mix’ enabled and set ‘i02 microphone as default’

  5. Disabled internal speakers and headphones of laptop

  6. Cubase -> New project

  7. Device Setup

  8. VST audio system ‘ASIO4ALL v2’

  9. VST connections

  10. Input Bus: Device Port:
    Stereo In MicIn1
    Stereo Out MinIn2

  11. Output Bus:
    Stereo In HpOut1
    Stereo Out HpOut2

  12. File -> Import Audio-> Play -> ’ASIO 4ALL V2’ Result: No sound from speakers but receive sound from headphones connected directly into computer

  13. Repeat steps 1-12 except using ‘ASIO directX full duplex driver’ Result: PLAYBACK SOUND from speakers!!! Except playback from Midi recording still comes from Keyboard speakers…

Input Bus: Device Port:
Stereo In Channel1
Stereo Out Channel2 (No recording inputs available???)

Output Bus:
Stereo In Speakers (i02)1
Stereo Out Speakers (i02)2

14. Repeat steps 1-12 except using ‘Generic Low Latency ASIO driver’ Result: No playback
15. Set Alesis on fire :smiling_imp:

Guessing direct X driver is my best bet? Sorry for the life story. I put more detail in the hopes other users browsing for the same problem wouldn’t have to create another topic!


Could you post the Cubase device setup pages please, and any other pages you deem pertinent.

I appreciate the fast response. Sure thing, the following should come up:

  • VST audio system
    -ASIO4ALL v2 VST connections
    -VST SYSTEM link
    -A Cubase overview of my Midi tracks + Audio track

    I decided to ignore the suggested setup diagram in the guide and instead disconnected my Edifer speakers from my Audio Interface and plug them directly into the computer. With the ASIO 4ALL v2 driver set, I managed to get Audio track Output from my speakers (Due to headphones receiving a signal there previously). Not sure how this will affect my Midi Output though as I’m neither receiving any input nor output this time.
    VST audio system.png

VST connections
ASIO4ALL v2 VST connections.png

VST system link ( if relevant? )

A cubase overview of a saved project ( Midi tracks + Audio Track )
Cubase overview.png