Cubase LE 5 crashing when I use DSK Brass

Hi there,

I’m trying to use “DSK Brass” (free Brass VSTi) with Cubase LE 5. I try to use three instaces of this plugin (Trumpet, Saxophone, Trombone) on three Instrument tracks.
But Cubase LE5 crashes almost instantly when I hit the play button. Somestimes the audio HW locks up, sometimes Cubase LE5 crashes and ends itself, sometimes the whole PC hangs and I a have to press the Power button of the PC 4 seconds to switch off and start the PC aigin again.
Seems to be a litte bit better when I use only one instance of DSK Brass.

Does anyone have the same problems ? Is this how free VSTs “work” ?
Any hints on what I can do to improve or to make it stables are highly appreciated.



Normally freeware VST effects and instruments are the most unstable (one good reason they’re free.) There’s not much you can do except try to load the latest version or reinstall the plug-in itself.

You could also try trashing you preferences, but keep your current ones handy in case that doesn’t solve it.[keyword_search]=Preferences

Every time I’ve downloaded any effects from a free VST site, they end up crashing or not showing their screens. That’s just the way it is. :neutral_face:

Mr. Saxobeat:
I have Cubase LE4 and One of the vst instruments I have installed is DSK Brass. I have been fooling around with free vst instruments for a while now, with no problems, so far. In ‘Midi Device Manager’ I installed XG, which is a pretty stable midi device by Yamaha (software emulation). Created 2 instrument tracks, opened the editor and added a bunch of random notes (I’m a drummer, not a keyboard player). Copy and pasted them a couple of times in each track. Then, I chose DSK Brass as the instrument in one track and played around with a vaiety of other DSK instruments in the other track. Played my mess back while watching the vst performanced meter. No crashes and only about 70% on asio meter.
Not sure why you’re having the problem. Please give a better description of problem and what you are doing. Also include some info on your system.


Hi folks,

Have not found a solution, DSK brass still crashes alsmost instantaneously when I hit the play button. Maybe it is LE5 which makes a difference.
So I decided to not waste more time with DSK brass. I removed the DSK brass dll and purchased “Chris Hein Horns compact” which includes Kontakt Player 4. Now I have a reliable stable system I can work with and the instruments provided with this product are really great.

Thanks for all your comments, hints etc.