Cubase LE 5, Delay isues please help

I just picked up a Tascam US-1800 interface. All seems to be going well except there is a very bad delay
in the headphones while i playback recorded tracks, while tryin to record a new track at the same time. I hope im being clear, I have recorded vocals, and the guitar. Now I’m attempting to record a drum track. As I listen to the
playback of the first two tracks in my headphones, I’m hearing a delay in the headphones of the drums I’m recording.
I’m very new to all this recording stuff, but please help

This delay is called latency. This can be corrected by going to Devices>Device Setup and then opening your driver’s Control Panel. There you can lower the latency by decreasing the samples. Try not to go to low, or you’ll start getting clicks and pops in your recordings. For most generic drivers, 256 samples should be alright.