Cubase LE 5 eLicense Activation problem

I´ve followed all the faqs and activation guides in the Steinberg´s web but I can´t get a valid activation.

In MySteinberg, eLicenser tab I can read this:

Soft-eLicenser: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx eLicenser name
No products found on this eLicenser.

(x = numbers)

I´ve installed latest eLicenser software with admin rights, and Cubase LE 5 aswell. I´ve tried every step several times as suggested in the faqs and guides but I can´t resolve the issue.

Any help please. I´ve written to the support team several weeks ago but I´m still waiting for an answer. I´m desperated.

Thank you guys :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome,

Uninstall eLCC and Cubase. Install eLCC 1st, as administrator than install Cubase as administrator.

As I´ve said in the previous post, I´ve already intalled eLC and Cubase as Administrator. That didn´t solve the problem. I need something different of the standard guide because I´ve tried everey single step several times. I apreciate your help anyway.

You could try to uninstall eLCC and install eLCC Helper instead. And then install Cubase again. This should force the eLCC to make a new Number and somehow to restart it.


I would suggest running the helper file to generate a new soft E-Licenser:

If you are on PC:

If you are on Mac: