Cubase LE 5 + Lexicon Alpha, Signal Clipping

Hey guys,

I`ve already posted this in the german part of the board, but haven’t received an answer yet, so I’m asking here.

Well, pretty much as the topic says, I bought a Lexicon Alpha recently together with Steinberg Cubase LE 5 on my Dell XPS 8500, i7-3770 3,4 GHz with 12 GB RAM.

Any signal in Cubase, no matter if it’s a Guitar plugged in direct or a Software Instrument itself Clips. The Meters are all right, but the sound is just ugly distorted. The problem is indepent from the output used, occours both the Stereo Out and the Headphone Out. While this happens in Cubase, Listening to Music on iTunes using the Lexicon Alpha sounds perfect. It has to be some setting or so in Cubase that causes this… I already received a second Interface in return for the first one, so there’s nothing wrong with the Interface itself, as the problem happened on both of them.

I’m looking forward to your replies, and thanks a lot for any help :slight_smile:

Greetings, Christoph

Try increasing the buffer size found on the lexicons control panel.

That worked! :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!