Cubase LE 5 not recording from tascam us-122mkii


So I just got the tascam us-122mkii, tried recording in cubase LE5 but it doesn’t pick up the sound or something, even when showing up in the monitors when I play it back I hear nothing. I’m recording with 44.100khz and 24 bit which are the same settings I’m using on the sound card.

Help please!

Set up as explained in the manual and several hundred times here on the forum…
Correct driver
Track inputs

I did everything according to the manual, the VST connections are right, and so are the track inputs, the program is picking up the sound however I can’t hear any playback

Monitor button lit?

Channel outputs set right?

Speakers plugged into the interface and not the computer?

Monitor Mix knob on the interface set to “computer”


Yea, everything seems to be right, I can hear it in the monitors while I record but when i go to play back what I just recorded I hear nothing

Then monitor button should be off and mix knob to computer (as TC pointed out)

Wow, I can’t believe I actually didn’t think of turning of the monitor button! :confused:

Thanks, everything’s fine now

That one seem to catch a few out :laughing: