Cubase LE 5 not working because of frequent interruptions

I have Cubase LE5 from a pretty long time but never tried to use so far.
Now trying to start working I face big problems as it seems the program has very frequent interruptions that make any recording fully disrupted.

The primary time display clearly proceeds with many interruptions and also when the metronome is activated the rhythm is definitely irregular. And of course the quality of whatever I record is very very bad.

I have ASIO DirectX Full Duplex Driver and tried to make a first recording trial with just a mic connected to Alesis iO2 express (but the same problem I see even just trying to record from the pc mic).

I tried to check the suitability of the resources on my PC and it looks ok, so now as a beginner I guess maybe I made some trivial mistakes but it seems I’m not able to solve…

Hi and welcome,

Try to increase the Buffer Size of your ASIO Driver.