Cubase LE 5 - playback limited to one speaker!

Hello all

I’m very new to home recording. I’m trying to record my bass guitar. I am using Cubase LE 5 with a Tascam US-144 MKII.

I have followed all of the official guidelines for setting up cubase and have looked through pages of threads on forums to try and find the solution. :cry:

Heres what I want to do: Record a track for bass guitar (in mono, which i may or may not be doing correctly :unamused: ). I then want to play it back exactly as it sounded when i recorded it.

My settings on the US-144MKII are as follow: Mon mix set to 12 o’clock, Line out set to 12 o’clock, phones set to 3 o’clock, SIG/OL input left set to 2 o’clock and SIG/OL input right set to 3 o’clock. I have a switch that says Mono - when the switch reads OFF the sound is only coming through the right hand speaker. When I switch Mono ON there is sound in both speakers.

This is whats happening: i start a new project and select the CLE- 4 stereo 8 mono option. I click on stereo 1 at the top. I hit record, i play some bass. I stop it, play it back and the sound is only coming through the right hand speaker.

How can I get the sound to play back through both speakers? There must be a setting somewhere…

I am very new to home recording and any help will be appreciated. Will also provide any necessary info.

When you record a mono signal record it to a mono track, when you rtecord a stereo signal record it to a stereo track