Cubase LE 5 questions

Hi! First time cubase user here, Got it free from my Tascam us-122 mkII and Im so stoked that I can finally record at a “PRO’s” DAW, (yes even at LE, I consider it more of a “Pro’s” DAW :laughing: )
I have a few questions that I need to clarify, I’m a total noob in cubase so please bear with me (and my “ENGRISH”).

  1. How do I update my Cubase 5 LE? (if there’s any)
  2. Is there a 64bit version of Cubase LE 5? If so how/where can I download it?
  3. Cubase didnt detect any of my 64bit plugins, I assume that I need a 64bit version or is there something that I need to do for it to detect 64bit plugins?

Thanks and more power Steinberg! :wink:

Forgot to add, My PC is running on windows 7 64bit

  1. Steiny’s FTP site

  2. Install disk

  3. 64 bit version

I cant seem to find a 64bit installer in the disk.
Also, based on this chart here
there are no 64bit version of cubase LE 5, I’m confused :blush:

There is none.

^thanks for clarifying