Cubase LE 5 & Recording Troubles

Hey guys,

So I recently bought a new interface that came with Cubase LE 5, and all was well until I started using VSTs. At first there was a hissing or crackling, and even an echo while playing with any of the VSTs.

I assume this is my laptop’s fault, since it certainly doesn’t have the best CPU (although it does have 6GB of RAM), so I was trying to play with some settings.

After going into “Device Setup” and switching the audio priority to “Boost” there was pretty much none of that, and the VSTs were working relatively well…

However, I’m sure that as soon as I include some more VST tracks the problem will reappear and I’ll be dealing with my shitty processor’s shitty processing.

I was wondering if there are any additional settings I can configure in order it alleviate some of the latency/crazy & uncools sounds while using VSTs.

Thanks a lot!

would help if you posted a more complete spec of your system.

But sounds like you are experiencing buffer underrun! The usual thing to do is raise the buffer/latency size from your soundcards control panel. Whatever that may be (soundcard)


I’m using an HP pavillion dm1z with Windows 7 (64 bit). It uses an AMD E-350 processor, 6GBs of RAM and an AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics card (which is probably not that relevant).

I’ll try what you’ve suggested when I get home later today, I’ll post the results, and thank you for the suggestion!

EDIT: I’m using a TASCAM US-122 MKII

EDIT #2: the problem is far less noticeable now, thanks for your help. At this point, to get it any better I just need a more powerful computer, but it’s tolerable (for now).

You may have sorted this out by now. It does seem like a similar problem I was having and still may have. My request for help is on here somewhere. I am neither a pc whizz or cubase expert by any means.

BUT i have found this has helped:
deleting all unecessary files that have been downloaded but are no longer used eg old games, disk clean up etc
now i rarely have that problem and it seems if i just turn the machine off (wait a few seconds) and on again that horrible noise goes away.