Cubase LE 5 Sends Routing Window

Does Cubase LE 5 have a sends routing window? i’m using steven slate’s trigger insert, which is amazing btw, but in order for me to use the leakage suppression feature, i need to be able to pan the sends via the sends routing. I left click on the sends section, go under custom view, and i see sends, no sends routing. I;ve watched videos for Cubase 5 showing that there is an option, i just dont know if it is for LE 5. I hope someone knows otherwise im screwed for what im trying to do. Is there a way to get if Le 5 doesnt have it?

Things that are neither available in the program nor explained in the manual are not there.

Buy a version that has it, which atm would be Cubase 7

do you know where you can buy cubase 5 still, or even get it? im sure the 7 is cool and all, btu for everything i need, i just need that one routing tab. Id get 7 if the interface wasnt complete changed and would put me back to square one…