Cubase LE 5, stereo flip doesn't work

Hey guys,

I’m having some trouble after having recorded a couple of guitar tracks.
I’m trying to use Audio>Process>Stereo Flip.
However, it does sound right in the preview, but when I click process, nothing happens!
Im running Cubase LE 5 on a Windows 7 PC, when I used Cubase on my old PC the stereo flip function did work.
I’ve tried other options, such as normalize etcetera, but nothing seems to work.
I’m at a loss here, your help is dearly appreciated :wink:

Try the delete preferences thing.

OK. This may be stupid, but is it possible, you’re trying to process one track and listen to another track? After all, you said you’ve recorded couple of guitar tracks. These kind of user errors happen to everyone every now and then (I’ve been even guilty to process completely wrong track, listening it back and being satisfied with the result … until later during the mixdown realising, I didn’t even process the track but completely other one).

Maybe you could delete all but one track/take. Process this one and see if it works. At least this reduces the variables involved in the ordeal.

Thanks for your quick replies!

I don’t think this is the problem, since I do hear the right track in the preview. When it used to work, on my old pc, I would get a window popping up saying it was ‘Processing’, it doesn’t even show this anymore.

I’ll give the delete preferences thing a try :wink: