Cubase LE 5 - VST Dynamics Issues

I am having issues with the VST Dynamics plugin in Cubase LE 5. When I load the Mastering Setup. I always get an error that reads “VST Dynamics cannot be found/located…” (That’s how I find out the plugin even existed) In plugin information VST Dynamics is listed under /…/Cubase.exe I’ve looked in all of the VST folders and cannot find any trace of the said plugin.

Other than searching for the plugin and being sure that all of my plugins are in the proper folder. This is all that I’ve done so far.

I installed Cubase LE 5, went through the whole registration process just fine, never installed any hot fixes or updates (there are none).

I know this tends to be an annoying and a (somewhat) unanswered question, but it’s driving me nuts.

There were no hiccups during installation and I’m sure I did everything correctly, so where might the plugin be? Is there anyway to just take it off of the installation disc without re-installing?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for all the replies, really helpful :wink:


If you cannot find it in Windows Explorer under the VST Plugins folder, then it is probably included under the VST3 folder as your Cubase Plug-in Set VST3 file. That would make it more complicated to treat.

As far as a solution, I might try pasting the VST3 file (or DLL) in a different location and set Cubase to scan that folder, or trash your preferences:[keyword_search]=Preferences

Thank you, I will try this and I’ll be sure to let everyone know if it worked or not.