Cubase LE 5 - VST Sound Collection Vol. 1

Hey guys, I only recently noticed that Cubase LE 5 came with HALionOne, and tried to install the VST Sound Collection Vol. 1 (found here:

But I couldn’t get HALionOne to recognise the presets installed from the VST Sound Collection. The presets do appear in the HALionOne instrument list, but upon trying to load the preset, it throws an error message saying “could not find or load preset”.

Does the VST Sound Collection work with Cubase LE 5 at all?

Thanks :slight_smile:

No, it required Cubase Studio (similar to today’s Cubase Artist).

All of these presets have been remastered for Halion Sonic SE, and are already included by default with Cubase Artist 9 and Cubase Pro 9.
Additionally, modern versions of Artist and Pro also include “lite” versions of a few instruments from the full version of Halion Sonic. Cubase Pro has the most instruments.

You can take advantage of the current sale to get access to these instruments for cheap, on top of upgrading your DAW. Modern versions of Cubase are many times better and more powerful than LE 5.

Ah I see. Thanks a lot for the help!