Cubase LE 5 - WAV file imported into a channel won't play


I am experiencing a very odd problem with Cubase LE 5 on Windows 7 using a TASCAM US-600 interface. I have imported 4 WAV files into 4 different channels in my project. Two of the channels will play normally (say channel 1 and 2), but the other two (channels 3 and 4) will not produce sound most of the time but some sporadic white noise and crackling. If I shutdown Cubase and restart it, I reload the project and then the same problem occurs but not with the same 2 channels, sometimes channels 1 and 2, or channels 1 and 3 will fail, it’s random. Bottom line is that the behavior is inconsistent every time I restart Cubase and I have not been able to play more than 2 channels at once using these WAV files. I know it’s not a problem with the WAV files themselves because if I open each channel using the Sample Editor window they all play well there, but they won’t play in the main Project window.

I hope that was somewhat clear and that someone can shed some light on this problem. I can’t do any editing until I pass this road block. Love the software, but this problem has me at a stand still. :frowning:



I am absolutely frustrated with this problem. It still happens randomly even with two simple imported wav files. I thought it was the US-600 VST driver, but even with the ASIO DirectX driver I get the same results. Something is really wrong. Exiting Cubase and restarting will make it work once in a while, but still, even if I get two wav files to simultaneously play, if I import a third one, it is guaranteed that the newly added one will not play. Grrrr! This has rendered the software completely useless to me :frowning:
Any help is appreciated!

Is the file you’re importing mono or stereo? Do you have anything else running at the same time as Cubase? When is the last time you cleared your temp folder? Have you defragged your computer lately? Not sure any of this will help but it won’t hurt. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. The files are mono and there isn’t anything else running at the same time. There’s also plenty of disk space available. In fact, even with 2 wav files imported on 2 different channels, I see the problem happening with one of them, even when playing that channel alone, it won’t work; so, it’s not load related. However, if I restart Cubase, sometimes both channels will be ok; but other times, upon restart, the file that was previously playing ok won’t play anymore and the one that wasn’t playing then will play ok. This problem is driving me crazy. Also, note that the files always play ok if I play them from the “import” window or if I play them from the channel solo editor. They just won’t play from the multi-track project window. Grrrr!

Maybe there’s something corrupt in your installation causing this issue.

I’m starting to think the same as no one else seems to have reported something similar. I will reinstall and try. Thanks.

Before going through a re-installation you might try “trashing your prefs”.[keyword_search]=Preferences

You just might get lucky.

I’ve lost all hope :frowning:. I uninstalled Cubase LE 5 completely from my machine, the proceeded to reboot. I then re-installed it. But the problem is still there. I used some other wav files I had (thinking it could be the files themselves), still, same results.

When you uninstalled, did you go in and completely remove the Cubase folder from the Program Files folder before you reinstalled?

That’s what I was thinking, too. IIRC, the preferences files are carried over if you don’t manually delete them. If you want a completely clean re-installation you need to remove all traces of the previous.

Just going by (somewhat hazy) memory here. I could be wrong.

It might still be worth trying to “trash your prefs” if you haven’t yet.

Thanks for the reply. I trashed the preferences and still it made no difference. Since then, I got a hold onto another machine. I installed the software there and it all works fine, some there is something really wrong with mine. One difference between the machines is that mine is Win 7 32bit whereas the one I am testing on now is 64bit. Perhaps that has something to do. At least I know it’s not something wrong with the software. Thanks for your suggestions, let’s consider this a case closed.

32 bit vs. 64 bit wouldn’t make a difference, especially since Cubase is a 32 bit program. I would suggest that you back up anything important on your machine just in case something is going bad.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

I had a similar problem, 2 tracks would play and export but the other 2 wouldn’t. Found out the 2 which wouldn’t play were routed to a different output .
Click on each track in turn and select the ‘e’ (edit channel settings) in the track info panel, in the top right hand corner of the new window are the input and output routing - ensure the output on each one is set to the same routing.
This may help or it may not

Could be your system is just not up to the task that cubase is asking it to do. Nowdays 4gb of memory is an absolute minimum. To my knowledge your specific computer can only support a maximum of 4gb, so upgrading your memory is not an option.

Hi everyone,

I got exactly the same problem like jrneira. Did anyone find any solution yet?
I’m using TC Konnekt 48, Cubase 7 64bit, Win7.

I tried every thinkable possible solution… :frowning:

Thank You

That doesn’t sound like “exactly the same problem” to me.

Maybe try posting in the Cubase 7 forums with a detailed description?

I was referring to the nature of the problem, regardless of operating system, Cubase version and audio interface (what exclude these elements as the source of the problem - I thought that is useful information).

But, yes, I’ll try to post on Cubase 7 forum.
Thank you.