Cubase LE 5 Windows XP Demo and Tutorials

Newbee here. I’ve been messing with Cubase LE 5 with my digiTech RP355 and have been able to start a new project and set up VST connections and record basic tracks thru the RP355 as a USB interface. In trying to understand more, I attempted to use the demo and tutorials and read the PDF getting started manual. However, when I try to load a tutorial I get an error message saying something like “directory is read only”. I tried copying the tutorial to my hard disk. I’ve tried so many things I can’t remember now. I’ve gotten one loaded into Cubase and try to play it and the meter shows movement like there should be sound, but there is none. I’ve tried everything I can think of. Is there a tutorial on how to run the tutorials ? (that came on the install CD) :imp:

Since the tutorials were created using a different soundcard, you now have to reassign the ports to your audio card.

Thanks man. I guess I was looking at it too long. A new day, and I got it working. It was the ASIO driver causing trouble. I got the ASIO4ALL working with my USB and I’m good. I just took the roundabout route. :mrgreen: