Cubase LE 5 Won't Open Cubase SX2

Hey guys, I own Cubase LE 5 and I want to open a friends session which was done in Cubase SX2. Ancient I know but he never upgraded. As for me, well my version got bundled with a Tascam interface and I barely use it so I never upgraded either. Is there a work around so I can open his session?

No, not with you staying on LE 5

Up until version 6, “smaller” versions could not open files from "bigger versions, i.e. free versions like LE/AI could not open files from essential, Artist and full versions of Cubase, Essential versions could open LE/AI and Essential files but not Artist & full versions and so on so forth. Since the SX2 was a full version it could not be opened by 5LE but should be open-able by something like 7 Essentials