Cubase le 5 won't record

I recently installed Cubase Le 5 and I can’t get it to record. I am using it with a Tacam Mk2 usb 2 interface and running windows 7 64 bit.Us 122
I have tried recording with all the different driver options in the preference/audio options. [Asio Direct x Full Duplex, Asio low latency, Tascam Us 122 mk2, all with no luck. I do have a signal coming into cubase which I can see on the meters but when I record no data is recorded.

I downloaded Reaper 64 bit and it won’t record either but Acid Music Studio demo does record because under the driver options, I can choose Microsoft Sound Mapper which allows me to record.

Sounds like a driver issue in Cubase? Cubase does not allow me to choose, “Microsoft Sound Mapper” I only have the option of choosing the two Asio drivers or the Tascam driver.

Thank you for any help you can provide.


So which of the settings explained in the manual for setting up your system have you done already, apart from trying the different ASIO drivers…?

I followed all the instuctions for set up.The input works and the record works but no audio is being recorded. If I load a wave file from my computer it plays back, so the problem seems to be no data is being recorded. Is it a bus routing problem or a a driver problem?

I got Reaper working by switching to a, “Direct Sound” driver. Still no luck with Cubase. Does Cubase have Windows 7 issues?

maria: I’m positive you need the windows 7 64 bit Tascam drivers and firmware
for the 122 mk2 ( note: the 122 was discontinued)
If yours is just a US-122, yea I don’t think it works with windows 7

PS: Have you seen this video :question:

PPS: and No, I don’t believe Cubase has issues with WINDOWS 7 :wink:

Hope this helps

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I downloaded all the recent updated drivers for Cubase Le 5and the Tascam us-mk2.I also downloaded the Tascam firmware update. It still didn’t help solve the problem. I think the intregrated soundcard in the motherboard may be the problem. I am thinking of buying a m-audio Audiophile 2496 PCI card.
I have an extra PCI port in my computer. The 2496 drivers are suppose to work well with Windows 7 64 bit.

Maria: The US-122 should be your soundcard. Everything else should be dis-abled.

Click Here:
To make the US-122 your dedicated Soundcard on your PC

control panel
Hardware and Sound

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thank you Jack. I already did that. Maybe the Tascam driver does not support 64 bit?

If it didn´t, then the device would not have installed on your system at all…

Maria: Devices - VST Connections
Do the inputs look like this ?

VST Connections - Outputs

Project page audio 1

Project page audio 2

Maria – I used to use a Tascam US-144 and I set it up just like the above diagrams :wink:

Hope this helps

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: