cubase le 6 activation code already in use?

I used ELCC To activate it. when I opened up cubase to use it it asked for the code. I entered it again and it said it was already in use. I assume this is because i activated it on ELCC before i tried to activate it on cubase. I need help asap!!1

Just click already registered.

Its not promting me to.

Heres what happened

and i have already entered the code

heres proof

I just dont know how to fix this and i need help

And what exactly is the message you get from Cubase?

First when I open up Cubase 6 it says “No valid license found. The program will quit now” and it gives me two options… Continue, which closes the program, and Start license activation, which prompts me to put in my activation code. which as you can see i have already done on ILEE. When I re-enter my activation code it says that i have entered a valid activation key for the full version of Cubase 6. I click Activate like i was prompted to do previously on ILEE, and it loads for a second and then says "the activation code has been used already, you can only use an activation code only once to download or upgrade a license.


IDK why I put that.

Are you re-activating the software, or activating for the first time…?

First time activation

And you did activate the software in your “mySteinberg” account…?

Yes. I also activated it on the elicencer

Ok honestly, I don´t know, what the problem could be. Are you sure, it´s really Cubase LE 6 you yre using, or did you maybe activate a wrong version (AI 6?). You should probably contact support, as they can check your user acount, and what exactly you have activated. Sorry.