Cubase Le 6 INFO Question

I have bought Cubase le 6 from a music magazine full version i have activated’it it works … but in the magazine and in the install menu of cubase le 6 it says i can use up to 32 audio tracks and 48 midi tracks + 26 effects … i can seem to get them . All i can get is a total of max. 16 audio tracks and 24 midi tracks … i need an answer plz why is this happening ? 32 tracks are fair enough but 16 are are pretty limited .Thank You

See here
In short: You read the limits of Cubase 6 AI, while you have Cubase 6 LE. Who is to blame for that I don’t know :wink:

Thanks for the fast reply yes now i see … :slight_smile: but one more thing … After it finishes installing the software the icon of the software appears like this … Cubase Le Ai Elements 6 what does this mean ? should i activate it as a AI product ? or what ? thanks once again that clear’d allot for me

lol, that’s a bit strange :open_mouth:
I suggest you open the elicenser control center and just enter your code and see what happens. It’ll tell you what license that code belongs to.
But like I said, it is a bit strange…

LE, AI, Elements 6 use the same installer, as do Cubase 6 and Artist 6. The Code decides wich version you can run.

What Code ? i had to request a permanent code from steinberg … otherwise it was just a demo .And i did it,took a code for LE 6 the version that i am supposed to have … and it worked but the icon is still LE AI Elements 6 and i wanna know why even o the installation disk that is made from Steinberg it says that my version can run up to 32 audio tracks,48 midi tracks and 26 effects and i don’t get them …

That code…

Ok Thanks

SOLVED.I made it , Had to request an activation code for AI 6 … Thank’s