Cubase LE 6 showing "unmapped" ports

I’ve been using Cubase LE 6 with my Zoom R8 for 2 years, so I know they are compatible. They have served me well. But for some odd reason, out of nowhere, Cubase is treating my interface as if it is not attached. The computer recognizes it, and Cubase has the R8 in the drop-down menu of the audio driver selection in “Device Settings.” But for some reason, in the bus routing, it says “Missing Port” for all of my ins and outs.

It’s so weird for this to start unprovoked. I know all of my hardware is functioning perfectly.

I’m using Cubase LE 6 (x64) on a Windows 10 (also x64) PC. I have also tried running as Administrator, and it doesn’t seem to make a difference. Help?? :cry:

Oops, I figured it out. User error. haha

I had the Zoom R8 selected as my recording device for Windows, so it was technically being “used” and was not available for Cubase to use.