Cubase LE 6 tascam US-366 bundle

I am new to this and been leaning about this stuff pretty hard ( DAWs and all that :mrgreen: ) but it is all a lot of stuff to take in so sorry if these are silly questions :slight_smile:

I’ve been evaluating the trial titled Cubase LE AI elements 7 and it all seems to do what I need to get started. Of particular importance is the ability to use VST instruments. I use Ivory Synthogy. Everything is working with the trial through my sound card during my test with my digital piano. Latency is good too in spite of using a onboard soundcard for now, but having a fast PC asio4all v2 I am getting good results.

I am thinking of buying the Tascam us-366 audio interface which comes bundled with Cubase LE 6.

Will this version differ significantly in terms of restrictions/limitations from what I am evaluating in LE AI elements 7 trial ( apart form some minor version changes ) ?

Unfortunately it seems a trial of LE 6 I cannot find on the site to try. Rather confusingly, the manual for 6 or 7 states VST instruments window is not supported/available, yet other articles and youtube videos seem to suggest it just works fine in LE ( manual outdated, something that applied to older versions or something I am misunderstanding what that restriction means ?? ). In any case I have the ivory VST plugin working fine with the trial of Cubase LE 7.

If I buy the Tascam US-366 that comes bundled with LE6 will VST instruments be supported or would I need to upgrade that version in some way ? In a way it seems a bit too good to be true that I can buy an audio interface that costs £119 with LE 6, yet to buy Cubase LE 7 costs 89 pounds. Is there a catch/restriction with these audio interface Cubase bundles ?

I don’t mind that it is an older version and that some minor things may be different, but I need to know what I am getting in the 7 LE trial is more or less what Cubase 6 LE will be like. Comparisons between older versions seems hard to come by and also if the Tascam will be a 64 bit version of LE.

Many thanks in advance.

Just to clarify about by confusion about restrictions and the documentation I am not clear on. When I open the pdf included with the trial in LE 7 on page 186 the section entitled

VST instrument channels ( not in Cubase LE)

yet that very window shown in the screenshot on the same page I have open and I can specify my third party ivory synthogy instrument there and use it no problem in the trial.

As long as that’s the same in LE 6 that comes with the Tascam US-366 bundle that’s the most important by far to me that third party VST can be used.

It is probably the case I am confused about something channels versus instruments :confused: Info overdose and too much reading in a short space of time on my part. :slight_smile: