Cubase LE 6 & USB Guitar cord problem

bought the ARTaccessories Tconnect cord (USB to 1/4"). Cant get Cubase to recognize it in devices input. I am using vista on a toshiba laptop. Any hints?

Does it come with ASIO drivers?

when i plug the guitar into cable, and cable into usb port it loads a driver, but i dont remember seeing it as an ASIO. Windows is supplying whatever the driver is, i think. Unless somehow the usb cord has software built into it?
It has the following for the driver details in Device Manager:

C-Media USB Headphone Set

Windows is providing it, not the cable.

No dedictaed ASIO - No “dedicated recognizition” in Cubase
Unless some generic driver like ASIO4all supports it.

downloaded ASIO4All and installed it. Now i can choose it as my ASIO and see the connection it shows for the guitar. But when i select it the cord flashes, and although it shows active in both input and output, when i go to the channel nothing comes through. Nothing on the meter or sound at all. The channel input shows as mono 1.