Cubase LE 7 activation - "eLicenser number is not unique"


I got my Cubase Le 7 as a part of Focusrite Scarlett Studio bundle. Downloaded, installed, runs great.
The problem appears while trying to activate the program. While running maintenance of eLicenser, it reports the following: “Unfortunatelly, the serial number of your Soft - eLicenser is not unique. Please close this dialog box and click Maintenance in main window to slolve this issue. Ok to proceed, cancel to stop maintenance”. Well, the problem occurs WHILE running maintenance so this confuses me a bit. After clicking ok, there is a maintenance window which shows maintenance failed at steps 3 (Validating License Usage Periods) and 6 (Sending eLicenser information).

After this, i tried to activate anyway. After entering the activation code and clicking continue, the same error message appears - “The serial number of Your Soft e-Licenser is not unique”.

I browsed FAQ, nothing. I tried to contact the support, but it’s obviously not available for my country (Croatia). The only thing i get is the distributors contacts.

Can I get anyone to help me here?


I would suggest this KB article:[keyword_search]=SeL

Seems to have done the trick. Many thanks!

I have the same problem with the activation, but the software I downloaded from Steinberg was Cubase LE AI Elements 8. I just bought my Scarlett Studio two days ago and I am running it on my Windows 7 Ultimate. I have tried running eLicenser as Admintrator as suggested in the link but it still says the same error message when using the activation code and same failed STEPS 3 and 6 when performing the Maintenance Task. Thanks in advance for anyone who could help!

I would suggest installing the latest eLCC from Then run the Maintenance. If you still get an error, can you please post a screen shot of it? Thank you.