Cubase LE 7 license issue

I bought several months ago a recording bundle which provided the porgram Cubase LE 7 with full license. I followed the steps shown in the “How to register your product” section, and registered it on eLicenser and after a month I couldn’t export mp3s anymore. From what I read, this means that the program was only trial, but my license was full, and I believe it wasn’t taken into account. For a few days I am struggling with this problem and can’t find a solution, please help me.
Thank you and sorry for my english.

I have the same problem - any one know of the solution?

The Cubase LE license is unlimited but does not include unlimited MP3 exports. The online shop has a “patch” upgrade for about $15. Or you can upgrade to more advanced version of Cubase that has unlimited MP3 exports.