Cubase LE 7 won't register.

I have recently purchased the Focusrite Scarlett Studio bundle, which came with Cubase LE 7. It seems however, that after a lengthy download and installation process the Cubase LE 7 I installed on my windows 8 PC would not register and the registration key I was given does not fit into the provided registration spaces on the latest vercsion of eLCC. I followed the instructions recommended on the Steinberg website to no avail.

How is the best way to approach resolving this issue? I was really looking forward to getting on with recording with Cubase worry free.



Hi Lewiscrisp,

Sorry to hear about the problem you are having installing Cubase LE 7. I hope that I’m able to assist you out today.

You mentioned that you were having an issue with the registration code. Did you try using the specific activation code for the Cubase LE 7 software? This code will be located on your My Accounts page. To access your My Account page you will first need to sign in to the website, then click on the “downloads and activation codes” button.

Here is where you will find your individual software activation codes.

Check out this video illustrating the Cubase LE 7 installation process:

I sincerely hope that I was able to help you out.

Best Regards,

Derrick // Focusrite Technical Support